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eSIM4Things - 'Sim for devices'

Get Ready for ‘Sim for devices’

eSIM4Things offers a variety of connectivity options with sim for devices, in multiple countries to realize your plans for the 'Internet Of Things' Along with its connectivity management suite – eSIM4Things offers an end to end solution for businesses across industry verticals.

IoT Connectivity Management Suite

eSIM4Things Connectivity Management Suite allows businesses to easily view, monitor, manage and control their sim for IoT SIM cards. Using a single login – management of all SIM cards is possible.

Key features –

  • Order new SIM cards
  • Change tariff plans and complete recharges online
  • Ticketing and customer care features
  • Classify SIM cards in groups – and manage them independently
  • Activate, Deactivate, Block, Unblock SIM cards
  • Assign and De-assign SIM cards to devices
  • Create and manage sub-users and sub-administrators for your SIM cards
  • Usage and validity alerts

We support –

  • Device encryption processes on the cloud, with secure forwarding to IoT Platform
  • Device authentication through SIM card
  • Forwarding data securely to any cloud based platform
  • Connecting Virtual Private Cloud to our platform
  • Direct secure connectivity to hosted IoT platform on Cloud
  • Virtual private Connections from our platform to your systems
  • LAN connections between IoT devices connected using eSIM4Things connectivity
  • Packet Inspection Capability -Inspection, mirroring, and redirection of packets, passing through Virtual Private Gateways (VPG)

SIM Card Specifications

SIM cards are available in 2FF,3FF,4FF as well as in MFF2 form. We also supply industrial, automotive grade SIM cards.

IoT Platform

eSIM4Things is optimized to work with its own Connectivity Management Suite, which offers a comprehensive set of features

Global Coverage

eSIM4Things offers coverage in multiple countries – allowing the SIM to be used globally.